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Thursday, November 01, 2007

MPs support growing

Just as we were packing our bags - word comes in that the number of MPs either signing the EDM or directly supporting the Bill has grown to 35.

If one of them's yours, e-mail and tell em you love him.

This response from Desmond Swayne MP, forwarded to us from Nick Hughes

"Thank you. I have yet to see the published bill but the principle sounds daft to me.
If I am guilty of fraud charge me. If my deception has damaded you or anyone else then sue me. Elected representatives are not imune from the criminal and civil law as in some other countries.

In any event elected representarives are properly held to account by voters: if you don't trust me then vote foe somebody else, or stand yourself." DS
Please feel free to write to Desmond and let him know your thoughts.

Nick's original letter to Desmond follows ;

Dear Desmond Swayne,

I'm writing to you to ask about your position regarding the 'Elected
Representatives (Prohibition Of Deception) Bill'.

As I understand it, so far, you don't have a position on this bill and
I would like to know what that is; since Adam Price MP will be
re-introducing the bill in the next parliamentary session.

If your position is to oppose this bill, then I would respectfully
insist that you reconsider and support the bill, at least in principle.

I feel that a self-regulating parliament (being judge and jury to
itself) is simply not acceptable, and that there should be an
independent, transparent method of legal recourse when MPs have been
found to be lying or deceitful in matters relating to government and

The public and business are both held accountable, in law, for
misrepresentation and deceitful practice; so why aren't MPs?
This bill seeks to redress that imbalance - please support it for the
sake of a fairer, more transparent system and renewed public trust in

Yours sincerely,

Nicholas Hughes

We'll be back with Parliament on the week of the 6th. Spread the good word.

P.S. Nice post from Webwonder's blog.
P.P.S. Don't forget to sign the petition.


  1. Just tried submitting a comment through his website and through Conservative Central Office and both have 'technical problems'.
    The modern equivalent of Nelson using his bad eye.

    Dear Desmond

    What are you thinking? You're a conservative MP - one of your constituents writes politely asking your stance on the Elected Representatives (Prohibition Of Deception) Bill.

    Your response is curt at best and certainly not the tone to take with an employer.
    Up you game man - if you don't intend to lie to us this is your chance to tell us.


  2. So what happened: the 6th has been and gone. Anything? Nothing?

    PS. Wrote to Richard Ottaway and got a confirmation of his intention to write me a reply by mail; but no reply yet. I don't expect he'll support it given his attitude in the program but I'd like to know his reasoning.

  3. I just had a reply from my MP, Geoffrey Robinson, Cov North West. He referred my letter to the Ministry of Justice who informed him that a) it wasn't a government bill and b) it was dropped on 17 October anyway. I guess thats a no then.

  4. what is happening with this since recess? Have done some pariamentary searches but nothing really....