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Monday, January 25, 2010

Thank the BNP

Apparently we owe the BNP a very big thank you for breaking the expenses scandal.

In the wake of Harry Cohen MPs £65,000 forfeit being announced last week, the Ministry had a quick look at the complaint and paperwork lodged with our Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.

The complaint was made by a Mr Michael Barnbrook in response to an article he'd read in the Daily Mail on Cohen.

His trail leads to the BNP website ...

"The controlled press continue to ignore the fact that it is the BNP’s Mr Barnbrook who has been the main driver behind the exposure of the entire Westminster expenses swindle"

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  1. I knew that. The media didn't advertise it because it would give the British National Party positive publicity. This guy is an ex-copper and a really decent bloke. Don't worry, we're still digging....oh and by the way how many BNP councillors and MEPs were found to be fiddling expenses? Ermm....none! And trust me when I say our boys were thoroughly investigated by every left wing rag and party out there. Speaks for itself. And if any of our people HAD been caught fiddling they would have been drummed out of the party forthwith - unlike the rest of the trougher parties out there.

    BNP member