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Employed by the Ministry (in a covert capacity) to help introduce the law ending dishonest politics, you can see his hand all over the posts of past.

Current political circumstances have forced him to reveal himself and as we speak, MPs are signing up to re-introduce The Elected Representatives (Prohibition of Deception) Bill for debate with over 80,000 voters supporting them.

Posts before Jan '08 are purely for the record (with hindsight they make fascinating reading). Posts after May 13th mark the Professor's return.

Meet the Professor

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bound to happen

No sooner had the Professor landed than he disappeared. Only to resurface four days later in the early hours this morning at the centre of the current constitutional crisis, his favourite watering hole, the Members Library at the House of Commons.

His message was to the point. We relay it verbatim...
  1. Re : Martin resignation, expenses scandal + resolution a sideshow as suspected. Answers in Hansard, members voting records etc. It's all there, but barely decipherable from Parliamentary language, procedure etc. Am distilling now into digestible form.
  2. Question : Cameron call for dissolution, alongside Clegg's similar solution not much more than a power move. Do we believe a change of faces will solve the problem ?
  3. Renewed contact with Adam Price MP as promised. Much to report on this.
  4. Apologies, no time to post. Haven't forgotten the anonymous twat. No hurry to expose now. Will deal with him later. Let him sweat a little more.
No need to send help, librarian both charming and knowledgable. Will send photos.

Much Love

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