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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

IPS A memory lapse

We await the revised form of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Bill. Meantime, scrutiny of the debate shows the House reverting to past form. With the press and public sidetracked by Michael Jackson, a goldfish could outgun our honourable members in the memory stakes.

Take Sir Alan Beith, (shadow constitutional something for the Lib Dems) on whether the courts should have any power over dishonest MPs

"Does the Secretary of State recognise that, if the code of conduct were to become justiciable, that would constitute a questioning of proceedings in the House? The House has already shown that it is capable of producing a code of conduct, and Members can discuss with any outside body the improvements that should be made to it. It is therefore unnecessary to include this provision in the Bill in this way."
Yes Sir Alan, the House has already shown how capable it is of producing a code of conduct. The House has also shown how capable it is of sticking to it. Remember ?

We had the good fortune to spend an hour or so with Sir Alan Beith, if memory serves, he spent his time trying to convince us that proportional representation is the answer.

Sir Alan is the MP for Berwick upon Tweed. If he represents you, feel free to drop him a line at . Alternatively, you may care to sign his much vaunted petition for more dentists in Northumberland .

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