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Employed by the Ministry (in a covert capacity) to help introduce the law ending dishonest politics, you can see his hand all over the posts of past.

Current political circumstances have forced him to reveal himself and as we speak, MPs are signing up to re-introduce The Elected Representatives (Prohibition of Deception) Bill for debate with over 80,000 voters supporting them.

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Yet another 2 MPs

Slowly but surely, day by day etc. etc.

Almost in direct response to Parliamentary castration of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Bill the numbers supporting the Elected Representatives (Prohibition of Deception) Bill are swelling. This just in from Harriet Harperson in direct response to whether she'd support our Bill.
"The Government has recently set out its draft legislative programme for
the coming session."
Nice to get a straight answer.

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