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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Clicks’n Pops'n echoes.

Much weirdness at the Ministry.

The new pizza delivery guy seems skittish – furtive eyes and small hands. When we question him even lightly on the Diablo with extra cheese - he clearly knows nada.

Clicks, pops, echoes and whistling on our phones.

Our friends at Spymaster tell us if Her Majesty’s Government (Ltd) wants to hear what we’re up to - there's basically no way we can stop it.

Do we have delusions of grandeur ? Should we be flattered ?

Can you make a Freedom of Information request to find out if you’re being bugged ?

Did the Lord Chancellor’s office buy into our low-grade porn gag and tip off the thought Police ?


  1. You should've asked your 'delivery' friend if he had any nice ladies he was willing to share.

  2. I think you're flattering yourselves - if your name isn't Rupert Murdoch why would the gov. listen to you ?

  3. If you’re not careful, you’ll all be locked up… ; )