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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Karen Buck MP kyboshed by incoming legal advice/Lord Chancellor does porn ?

Today we were gonna post our interview with Karen Buck MP (Lab). Regrettably, your humble servant got over-excited during his time with Karen (I’m only flesh and blood y’know) and in the sweaty heat of her constituency office I... in no un-certain terms, I accused the Right Honourable Tony Blair of lying (he said he voted for the fox-hunting ban) when I shouldn’t have. His voting record on the ban is here.

We are advised (thank you, that’ll be another £3,000 etc..) that without explanatory
text etc. etc. this accusation is legally risky.

I consider myself suitably chastised (thank you, that'll be another £150 etc.). (Cheap at the price - Ed)

Meantime, we’re concocting the explanatory text and should have the post up shortly - you can decide.

I’m pleased to report yesterday’s meet with the Lord Chancellor went extremely well.

This may have had something to do with us informing reception staff at the Department of Constitutional Affairs that we were a low grade pornography outfit (if only - Ed) and there to film his Lordship. Our pneumatic production lady winked once and smiled at them knowingly - heels click-clacking on the floor as we were marched to the lift.

Falconer tore our proposed Bill to shreds in the nicest possible way. Frankly, we loved him. Had we been a porn unit on location this would've been a soft-focus romantic orgy.

Needless to say, we’ll be posting that interview ASAP.


  1. Mistress Lubyanka8 Mar 2007, 12:59:00

    The price has just gone up to £300 for you my friend

  2. perhaps the lady would do a deal for Mr Osbourne

  3. tony the hairdresser8 Mar 2007, 16:33:00

    Falconer wasn't elected was he ? Are you sure you're still supposed to be calling him Lord ?

  4. Don't see why you can't accuse Blair of being a liar. Plenty of other people have and I've a feeling he's not too keen to take 'em to court for good reason.

  5. Blair in front of a jury ???? But they'd need to find 12 jurors on the electoral register who agreed with the Iraq war to get a fair hearing...