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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Goldsmith, Blair, Prescott and Bathurst

The Attorney General, is “keeper of the public interest” and supervisor of the Crown Prosecution Service. He’s also the legal advisor to the Government (when TB wanted to know if it’s legal to go to war with Iraq, it was the AG who said yes).

Couldn’t resist dragging up old bones (hat-tip to Theo Spark) this is the letter Lord Goldsmith won’t be writing to Blair over the “Cash for Honours” bizniz.

History repeating itself ? It’s also the sort of letter he wasn’t going to write to John Prescott, when our friend George Bathurst asked the Crown Prosecution Service to investigate his Prevention of Corruption Act breach.

For a taste of gov't stonewalling at genius level check out our interview with George...

One of the problems facing the Misrepresentation of the People Act, is you need to get the Attorney General’s go ahead to proceed with a prosecution. Most recently the Board at BAE were relieved to find out that the Attorney General deemed that it was not in the public interest to continue investigating claims of bribery and corruption by BAE.

So, if you want to prosecute someone in government, you need the blessing of - the governments legal advisor. Imagine if you wanted to take a company to court but to do so you needed their solicitors approval ?

We’ve asked for an interview with the man. We will be denied. Have no doubt.


  1. If the AG can block a prosecution what's the point of trying to pass a law ??

  2. legal eagle said...
    @If the AG can block a prosecution what's the point of trying to pass a law ??"

    We'll find out soon enough when we see if he decides to go ahead with the Cash for Honours prosecutions !

  3. I'm doing something. This went up today.

    Please publicise.