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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Out of touch ? Us ?

It'd be nice to be able to say we've had a lovely week off, but we didn't.

The clicks, pops, whines and echoes on the phones alongside furtive questions from the new guy delivering pizzas got the better of us. We figured it was best to move offices. Ministry Towers have now officially gone dark, of no fixed abode etc.

What's also become abundantly clear is that a week in politics is one fuck of a long time and that's all it takes to feel very out of touch. Now we know how it feels like to be in politics/the civil service. Don't believe me ? Check out the latest Labour and Conservative party political broadcasts... shear out-of-touch comedy genius.

And don't think it's just political parties that're insanely out of touch. We found ourselves in one of Westminster Councils "One-stop-shops" last week in an absurdist attempt to see if they knew how to hold an elected representative to account when they've lied. We should've known better - the signs of a hopelessly out-of-touch bureaucracy were staring us in the face...

I give you Westminster Council's intrepid attempt at entrepreneurial endeavor...


Yes, for a mere 50p, you can buy any one of a number of postcards from the imaginatively titled series, "Great Trees of Westminster". There's "the Turkey Oak at Park Lane Central Reservation" or "the Maidenhair Tree of St Johns Gardens, Horseferry Road".

May we suggest purchasing one and posting it to Simon Milton, Leader of Westminster Council with a brief note asking him not to add insult to injury by pissing
the money they extort from us via their traffic wardens down the drain .

Out of touch ? Us ?


  1. Both the broadcasts are such utter cack. God help us all.

  2. If they haven't included that lovel willow in the park at the end of St Johns Wood high street I'll be very upset.

  3. Love the Labour party's Ministerial call centre. Does this mean they've all fucked off to India ?

  4. Broadcasting complaints commission19 Apr 2007, 15:55:00

    This is clearly another text-based mobile scam a la TV companies to raise cash.