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Friday, May 11, 2007

Bush Blair minutes

Well, we were allowed sight of the leaked minutes from the White House meeting, but weren’t allowed to keep hard copies. Sure enough, it seems the "Bush pilot project" was the main focus. Yesterday saw the sentencing of the guys who originally leaked the memo - six months imprisonment a piece. Video proof should be with us on Monday.

From memory, the conversation went something like this ;

TB : I’m only repeating what I’ve been told, from what I can tell there’s no hard evidence to back any of this up

GWB : Well, there wouldn’t be – we don’t have that kinda technology so you can be sure as hell nobody else does, least of all the Germans.

TB : George I’m just telling you…

GWB : And if we had it, we wouldn’t use it.

TB : Why not ? It’d be perfect for Ghadaffi, Mugabe, Kim Jong-il …

GWB : Because it’s pure fantasy, it doesn’t exist – I’d know wouldn’t I ?

TB : Would you ?

GWB : (to aid) Get Don (Rumsfeld – Ed) in here, with everything he’s got on this Bush Pilot project.

Aid : Sir, we don’t have anything…

GWB : If there isn’t anything, why’s everyone but me heard about it ? I wanna hear it direct from Don whilst Tony’s here.

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