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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Great Trees of Westminster

Well, we said we’d do it. And what the hell, we figured if we’re gonna moan and groan about the Freedom of Information Act’s forthcoming castration by HM Government we might as well actually use the FOI and see what it’s all about.

You may remember us going off on one over Westminster council’s insistence on pissing down the drain the cash their traffic wardens gleefully extort. Our example focussed on their recent “entrepreneurial” endeavours - for a mere 50p you can buy any one of these exclusive series of postcards, “The Great Trees of Westminster”.

Gasp at the beauty of "the Turkey Oak at Park Lane Central Reservation" or "the Maidenhair Tree of St Johns Gardens, Horseferry Road". Can you hear the sound of cash registers ringing ?

We thought it might be useful to find out via a Freedom of Information request exactly what this cost the good people of Westminster and how well the sales have gone...

As you can see, we should have some news by May 17th.


  1. Time-wasting idiots

  2. Anonymous said..."Time-wasting idiots".
    Assuming you're referring to us then we plead guilty as charged. But at least we didn't waste time AND money on "the Great trees of Westminster".

    More importantly, try not to post anonymously. It really reflects badly on spineless wonders.

  3. Tony the Hairdresser1 May 2007, 14:24:00

    I've always wanted to do the "Great Barbers of Westminster@ postcard series. Do you have a contact number at the council by any chance ?

  4. Fair point, Minister, we know exactly who you are