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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Big Day Yesterday - The Bill went into the House

Adam Price, the MP who introduced the Bill yesterday, reports...

“Well, we’re past the first hurdle. Have been inundated with messages of support, we really have touched a chord. Lots of people been contacting their own MPs and the House authorities. We must keep this going now we’ve started.”

Meantime ; the Downing Street petition for the Bill seems to be gathering some momentum – well over 200 signatures in it’s first 24 hours (have you signed it yet ?) and we’ve got 19 MPs supporting the Bill. Is yours one of them ? Find out by entering your postcode here.


  1. Well done to Adam and all at MoT. I hope everybody has signed the No. 10 petition and contacted their MP to tell them them something along the lines of - as an honest politician I expect you to support the bill and if you're not going to support it I'd like to know why!

  2. Keep on going people. Sad to see so little interested. do not let this campaign wither an die just because the docu has aired. This is an opportunity and we should grab it.