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Current political circumstances have forced him to reveal himself and as we speak, MPs are signing up to re-introduce The Elected Representatives (Prohibition of Deception) Bill for debate with over 80,000 voters supporting them.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Countering Accountability

Unkind souls have commented that by confronting MPs with "the Misrepresentation of the People Act" those who disagreed with it could only be seen as defending their right to lie.

Hmmmm. Here's a summary of the counter-arguments we... encountered.

1) You can't have a law against lying - you can't define a lie
2) Politicians would be mad to lie - it'd be the end of their career
3) You don't need a law - you can go to the press
4) You don't need a law - that's what the general election's for
5) You don't need a law - Parliament holds the government and other MPs to account
6) You don't need a law - Parliament has plenty of internal committees etc. to deal with the problem.

Naturally, we examine these in the film, but don't let that stop you commenting with your thoughts...

For reference, here are the principles behind the Bill.

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