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Monday, August 10, 2009

Blears vandals claim "within rules"

The Vandals who attacked ex-minister Hazel Blears car (windscreen smashed, all tyres slashed etc.) claim they acted "within the rules", deny they've done anything wrong, but understand her anger and have repaid the cost of repairs. They've released the following statement ;

"We sincerely regret any anxiety caused to both Ms Blears and the good name of vandals. We'd like to stress we were acting entirely within the rules, code of conduct and generally accepted practises of Vandals in the UK (VUK). If a car owner decides to leave their vehicle in an isolated place after noting a "bunch of hoodies" hanging around they have only themselves and presumably an extreme arrogance to blame for the consequences. However, as a gesture of goodwill and after lengthy consultation with VUK members we're pleased to present this cheque to Ms Blears Ltd and now consider the matter closed."
Ms Blears responded, "I'm entirely satisfied this criminal act has now been dealt with in a suitable manner. My initial response to call the police was an ill-considered, knee-jerk over-reaction and I have no intention to help them any further with their enquiries."

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said, "Ms Blears isn't connected with any investigation either here or at Scotland Yard. She's paid back the £13,000"