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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Duncan factor

Alan Duncan is no stranger to the Ministry, indeed neither is his charm. He was kind (and brave) enough to invite us to his office and subject himself to interrogation under the Professor's highly controversial methods...

His thoughts, secretly filmed by Hayden Prowse of Dont Panic that MPs are rationed and "treated like shit"grabbed the headlines but it was his introduction that really cut to the heart of the matter, "Parliament's being "nationalised"...

Unless we're very much mistaken if there's one single institution in the UK that's owned by the nation isn't it Parliament ???.

The notion that the Palace of Westminster is accountable, is in fact owned by the nation, will be treated like shit in the press, will face the consequences of their actions when they quietly inflate their allowances because they don't feel they can justify jacking up their wages is clearly an irritant to the honourable Mr Duncan. Even pre-credit crunch when the government could claim to have been running the economy well, despite Robin Cook's warning a full seven years earlier that the allowances system was a car crash waiting to happen, despite Michael Martin et al fighting a losing battle against numerous FOI expenses requests in the court... Parliament still chose to continue the scam. That's the heart of it, and Alan Duncan felt resentment.

Does anyone buy his apology ? Does anyone actually think he's a changed man ?

Answers on a postcard please.

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