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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Yes Men Fix the World

Remember when Dow Chemicals had 3% wiped off their share price when a man pretending to be their representative announced they'd accepted full responsibility for the Bhopal disaster and had ear-marked billions of dollars to compensate the victims ? Or the perfect rip-off of the New York Times filled to the brim with the stories we all wanted to hear... "Iraq War Over" and "Bush Indicted" etc...

The Ministry was kindly invited to last night's preview of "The Yes Men Fix the World" and it doesn't disappoint. The film takes "cunning stunts" to previously unseen heights, recording the antics of two US teachers (Mike and Andy) who in their spare time hold corporations and government departments to account by impersonating their representatives and announcing their doing the "right thing".

You know it's a genius device because it leaves multi-nationals stupified for a response, so much so that the culprits haven't heard a squeak from corporate lawyers.

Expect a rash of highly suspect UK Corporate/Government announcements once the film's let loose on this side of the pond. Check out the official website - there's much food for thought and we're a little peckish.

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