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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hypocrite Harman again

Harriet Harman's over a barrel again (the image renders us... well... let's not pause for thought).

The Ministry had the personal pleasure of Ms Harman's company some time ago. Our half hour came to an abrupt end - leaving us wandering the bowels of Westminster un-attended (footage available on personal request). We digress... the interview left us confused as to the nature of the beast - was it possible for a minister to be so... well.. average ? Common sense left the room on her entrance and we were convinced only mind-altering drugs could have been responsible for the twists and turns in her non-logic. Apparently we were wrong.

We should have mentioned this last week (apologies for tardiness) when Harman told MPs: 'We have to judge things by the rules and standards that obtained at the time..." apparently the "court of public opinion" she so famously stood by when going after Sir Fred Goodwin's bonus/retirement package with the threat of retrospective legislation doesn't count for much anymore.


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  2. I speak with some suthority and experience on this matter.
    Many is the time I have had Harriet "over a barrel".This is her favourite position and it is widely known that she is a "screamer" and has on more than one occassion woken up several Lords whilst being rogered over a barrel in a committee room in the Commons.
    Further and better particulars will be disclosed in due course.