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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Question of Honour ? Trust is like virginity.

Hmm, some interesting honourable questions raised by Conservative front bencher Eleanor Laing's repayment of £25k against a capital gain of £180k despite not being asked to repay it.

Eleanor earned 180k free of capital gains tax when she sold two Westminster flats in 2008. She'd told the tax authorities they were her principal residence but had designated them as a second home for purposes of expenses.

So what price honour ? The amount you claimed in expenses over the years, 13.9% of the sum earned or whichever is the lesser of the two ?
Is this an admission of guilt ?
Why hasn't Sir Thomas Legg included the re-payment of capital gains in his recommendations ?
How do you square saying one thing to the Inland Revenue and another to the fees office ?
Is the Inland Revenue demanding payment ?
The Fraud Act makes a material gain by deception a criminal offence... where are the prosecutions ?

Can't help thinking the Professor is right... "trust is like virginity... you can only lose it once".

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