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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Meet the BNP

Much gnashing of teeth at Ministry Towers over the BNP on Questiontime.

In the blue corner we have the Peter Hain ™ world - it's a disgrace, legitimising racism, a platform to prejudice and the traditional "I refuse to pay my license fee".

In the red corner we have, "this is exactly why I pay my license fee".

BNP leader, Nick Griffin,  pelted with eggs wishes his Daddy was there to protect him.
Sadly, no-one knows who his father is.

This writer currently finds himself more and more with the reds. The BNP were legitimised by the electorate - end of story. The BBC didn't do that, the voters did, and the BBC is now giving them a platform to combat the very reason they were legitimised, Peter Hain and his logic.

During befuddled days at university, I was part of a group that monitored racist activity on campus. This involved attending various BNP get-together's, knees ups, concerts (the charming band Screwdriver were standard fare) and meetings. Once you've seen this bunch up close and in action, if the bile coming out of their mouths wasn't so revolting you'd never keep a straight face - and laughing at them would've resulted in a good kicking.

Once you've heard these guys speak, attempt to run a meeting, organise leaflet distribution etc. you'd realise what a complete joke they are. You'd realise that their total lack of ability is a direct reflection of anybody who can square such ridiculous policies and vile rhetoric with any notion of logic, any notion of what it is to be human.

Voters legitimised the BNP for two reasons ;

1) Partly as a reaction to the appalling performance and credibility of the mainstream parties directly after the expenses scandal

2) Primarily because voters have never seen them in direct confrontation with mainstream parties or an audience with a combined IQ over 30.

The Ministry has had it's disagreements with Jack Straw in the past, but having smelt the BNPs breath and got a taste of what they're made of, they're "substance", I'm confident he'll take them to pieces, alongside the audience. Much as I love the sight of Nick Griffin being pelted with eggs, the BBC are doing exactly what's needed - giving them a rope via the opportunity of directly engaging with majority opinion and a semblance of intelligence. Once they've met the BNP, even the very lowest of the lowest fuckwits will question casting another vote in their favour. Mark Thompson, Director General of the BBC understands this. Peter Hain, Alan Johnson & Co do not.

This ticket alone's worth the license fee.


  1. "I was part of a group that monitored racist activity on campus. This involved attending various BNP get-together's, knees ups, concerts (the charming band Screwdriver were standard fare) and meetings"

    Monitoring your fellow students for unorthodox viewpoints and musical taste seems sinister, intrusive and unnecessary. To even admit voluntarily spying on your fellow citizens marks you out as a cock. But maybe I prefer to say "there's no law against it, let whoever do whatever, as long as no-one else is hurt" rather than rushing around looking for things to be offended by. Who do you think you are, a New Labour minister?

  2. Sincerest apologies for insinuating there was any "rushing around" or "spying on students/fellow citizens" with "unorthodox viewpoints/musical tastes". Perhaps I should have been clearer - after two racially based attacks it was discovered that the BNP had a presence on campus inciting them.

    Actually, on re-reading the post I'll rescind that apology. There was no insinuation of anything you presumed by your comment. Checking out the activity of a particularly retarded group of hate-filled individuals operating in the same buildings you spend your days in doesn't mark you out as anything other than somebody who takes an active interest in what's going on in your immediate surroundings.

    You cock.

  3. apologies, but your post wasn't very clear on that point. if anyone had exhorted racial attacks, then fair enough. you would have a moral duty to find out who it was, by all means, then tell a constable. you didn't mention the racist attacks or link them to the BNP. were the attackers students, or in the BNP?
    yes, the point is well-made in your post "......such ridiculous policies and vile rhetoric with any notion of logic, any notion of what it is to be human."
    the weapon against any unreasonable viewpoint is moral philosophy and, yes, logic. applying said principles, we see the objectionable nature of the entire political system and state apparatus on many levels, and as such the BNP is no better or worse than the others; it has a man in a suit who will probably fail to deal with the same old problems by excessive taxation and interference.
    Nick Griffin is (and we must differ here) not as bad as some - not known to be a thief (expenses) or a traitor (Lisbon treaty) or insanely authoritarian (smoking in the rain outside cosy pubs and clubs). i personally like him, but that worries me in itself, because I found Tony Blair likeable at first and look ho he turned out.
    the public will be no worse off if we hear what Griffin has to say; if he either appears foolish or talks some sense, at least we'll know.
    anyway, cheers.

  4. with the copenagen treaty