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Monday, November 27, 2006

the Lawyers

Oh how they laughed. You'd have thought solicitors would be biting your hand off for a piece of this action - but lawyer after lawyer said forget it. We figured they thought there'd be no money in it - we were wrong. In the end, Christian Khan came to our rescue - a medium sized firm who handle civil rights litigation - they said there wasn't much they were scared of and I believe them - as we waited for our interview the receptionist was dishing out over the phone - "Look - have you been sectioned or not ?".

Sadly, our time with them was short, sweet and didn't go as well as we hoped ...


  1. She's talking bollocks. You can prosecute an MP in exactly the same way as anybody else.

  2. Gadzooks, I wouldn't want her representing me for a traffic violation. So far, so pathetic.

  3. Had no idea Morticia Adams had a nervous sister.

  4. Pam Tandas said "She's talking bollocks. You can prosecute an MP in exactly the same way as anybody else."

    Pam's not entirely right, you can prosecute an MP in the same way you can deal with any individual in the criminal law - fraud etc. You can also take a civil action against an MP for their affairs outside the house. What you can't do is prosecute an MP for lying - in fact you can't prosecute any anyone for lying per se - there needs to be some kind of contract.

  5. never have i fully understood the relationships formed with public figures and the media until now// its clear that leaked information and public humilation is the only current way to discredit a politician// no point trying to do solve anything internally..its clear that criminal law can not take affect until the media has it, and demands answers// hence Mr. Blair only takes the correct measures (with others) when scandal has been blown out of such proportions that it demands immediate action// who will bring blair to account??