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Thursday, November 30, 2006

the Man who shopped John Prescott

Reporting the Deputy Prime Minister to the Police is not for the faint of heart - but George Bathurst, a Windsor-based businessman was so pissed off with the Right Honourable Two Jags refusal to answer questions in Parliament (over gifts and hospitality he received from US tycoon - Mr Anschutz - angling to put a super-casino in the Millennium Dome) he decided to do something about it. In our quest to find out how we can hold MPs to account for economy with the truth, we interviewed Mr Bathurst.

If you're expecting some cigar-chomping ego-maniac behind an over-sized desk, you'll be... well... you'll see what we mean...


  1. What a geezer. Why wasn't there more publicity on this ?

  2. Lord Goldsmith, the CPS, another Minister telling Parliament where they can stick their questions... does that count as news anymore ?

  3. (part of 10 Downing St site) - you can create a petition on-line.

  4. Big Deal - if Teflon Tony and his cronies ignore Parliament, the press, have got the Attorney General on-side and lie to the electorate - they're really gonna sit up and take notice of an e-petition !

  5. This guy's a mate of mine. Go George!

  6. How has the case gone in the US?