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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So far, so shit.

As far as lying to the electorate goes - it looks like there's no law requiring honesty from an MP. Anybody else (especially a corporation) makes a misleading or mis-representative statement purporting to be a statement of fact, they're knee deep in the brown smelly stuff - any one of us can walk into a Citizens Advice Bureau and take them to court. If you're a shareholder in Great Britain PLC, and one of the directors/board members you've voted for lies - there's bugger all you can do that resembles anything like legal redress.

However, there is a small ray of light...
George Bathurst - a Windsor-based business man instigated proceedings (under the Prevention of Corruption Acts) against the Right Honourable John Prescott over the hospitality and gifts he received from Philip Anschutz, the Guvnor at AEG who wants to build a Super Casino at the veritable Millenium Dome. Prescott's department are handling the future of the site and it appears honourable John failed to declare the trip to Anschutz's ranch or the gifts he received there and subsequently refused to answer questions in Parliament on the issue.

Not only did Bathurst report Prescott to the Police, he's also instigated proceedings against Mr Anschutz in the US. It occurs to us Anschutz may well have a legitimate defence with "that cowboy outfit wasn't a gift, it was a statement."

We've tracked down Mr Bathurst to find out what he's got against two Jags (two shags) and exactly how you go about prosecuting an MP for telling porkies.


  1. How apt.. check out this anagram
    "John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister"
    "Joy! Punches the dippiest, trim tormenter."

    And just to show I'm balanced in my mockery (and because its unutterably brilliant....

    "The Right Honourable Michael Howard MP"
    "The globular, horrid chap. Women hate him."

  2. You'll never find the evidence. Looks like he's swallowed it.

  3. yea looks a bit like prezza is securing britains future with his arse!

  4. Once upon a time I remember catching Miss Piggy and Gonzo making out backstage - could Prescott be the bastard child of this unholy union ???