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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How to get Turkeys to vote for Christmas

Well, it looks like the closest Bill to what we're thinking of was the Freedom of Information Act 2005. We've been in touch with Maurice Frankel, the man behind getting the bill passed and he's agreed to an interview. If anybody can point us in the right direction, this is the man.

Info on their campaign is at

Click here to see the Act itself.


  1. int he the guy from the film starsky and hutch

    do it
    do it
    do it come on do it

    ah the irony!!! probably find him hanging with huggy bear???

  2. did mandy write this, lord help us....

  3. Check out proposed ammendments to the FOI. It won't be there for long !

  4. Proposed ammendments are at

  5. Not sure these guys are turkeys, you might want to look at some of the other animals on this farm. around. These 'turkeys' got into power partly on the promise of the FOIA which is a totally farsical document now. If you are not careful, yours will end up the same.