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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cash for Dinners - Pot Calls Kettle Grey.

Sir George Young MP is under investigation by Sir Philip Mawer, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. He reports directly to..... the Parliamentary Committee for Standards and Priveledges, chaired by.... Sir George Young MP.

We wonder if his face looked something like this when he found out....


  1. Wow, this guy has such an uncanny resemblence to SIr George Young....

  2. anarchist-fred16 Jan 2007, 09:33:00

    what a fucking joke.
    Sir Philip "Erm do I find my boss guilty or not?"
    Sir George "Erm shall I find myself guilty or not"

  3. Has Trevor MacDonald defected to ABC ?

  4. Rabbit. Headlights. Love it

  5. Soooo, let me see if I've got this right... Parliament thinks it's ethical/moral for the body which polices its morals/ethics/standards to comprise of Members of Parliament ?

    What does that say about their morals/ethics/standards ?

  6. morpheus, bit slow are you?
    they have NO morals

  7. i wonder if the new rules to tackle organised crime cover John Prescott?

  8. could John Reid be in league with Eastern European gansters?

  9. If Saddama nd his men have been hanged for the murder of 142 people in 1982, will Donald Rumsfeld and Tony Blair be up for hanging in 2031?

  10. and will Gordon "self hater" Brown be the judge?

  11. Check out Ch 4 programme - the trial of Tony Blair

  12. shit missed it, was it good?

  13. they are just gangs of political hoodies

    the blue sharks
    the red jets
    and the yellow stragglers

    wonder what initiations stretch to?????????????????????????????????
    lying> then seeing if you can get away with it!

    god for bid

  14. blairs tv trial

    nope did not see it// was it good// will they repeat it?

  15. the trial was great should be able to get it on channel 4 website.