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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

for Thee, the Bell tolls

Martin Bell, the man in the white suit, is someone we trust.

He spent most of his working life in some of the worlds most dangerous war zones so his time as an MP should've been a piece of cake. He served on the Committee for Standards and Privileges (the watchdog for the conduct of MPs) and is one of the few to speak out against the treatment of Sir Philip Mawer
's (the Parliamentary Commissioner) predecessor - Elizabeth Filkin.

"The whispering campaign was not imaginary. It was real and intense. It coincided with her investigations into complaints against Peter Mandelson, John Reid and Keith Vaz, who were not only Labour MPs but government ministers at the time."

We asked him about the reality of MPs regulating themselves, Elizabeth Filkin and the idea of the People prosecuting the government when it lies to us.

To say we were surprised by his answers would be an understatement. We'll be posting the interview tomorrow.


  1. I bet you didn't ask him whether Hamilton was a stitch-up job and he was in fact a Mandelson/Blair puppet purely to ensure the loss of Hamilton's Tory seat !

  2. Oh come on. Bell is about the only decent politician we have in years. Shame he promised to only stay for one term... and then stood down because he had to keep his promise. Ironic that.

  3. Bollocks, he's just a sanctimonious ex-reporter who tried to play hard ball with the big boys.

  4. At least he hasnt lowered himself to day-time TV and reality rubbish

  5. My mothers farts10 Jan 2007, 16:03:00

    Martin Bell stood down at Tatton but did in fact go for another constituency (or was it as an MEP). In any case, he didn't get voted in.

  6. The job of the opposition or any independent MPs is to hold the executive to account. Can anyone remember Mr White-suit doing that ?

  7. You can check his record at

    Actually, it's pretty good.

  8. the village people10 Jan 2007, 16:53:00

    Actually it's not that good if you're the only gay in the village

  9. You're not the only gay in the village

  10. 1) Martin Bell was unknowingly a Labour pawn.

    2) Labours objective was to cost the Tories a seat.

    Pure and simple.

    Don't doubt me.

    These things I know.

    That said, he did the best he could. He was an honest politician and learnt the hard way that politics is a dirty business. I've also learnt this the hard way.

  11. I wasn't suprised by his answer, he's just about the only ex-MP who's clung onto some kind of idealism.

  12. Martin Bell, Martin Bell, riding thru the glen
    Martin Bell, Martin Bell, with his merry men,
    I've been told he shaaaaagged
    Christine Hamilten

    Martin Bell, Martin Bell, Martin Bellllll.