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Thursday, January 25, 2007

One of those easy lessons - How to pass a bill despite the government

The man tells us in no uncertain terms what we're up against.


  1. Love the Clement Freud story. Good to know nothing's changed.

  2. If he doesn't fancy your chances you're in real trouble.

  3. This man should SOOoooo be on an honours list. Typical that the press hasn't made a bigger deal of it. If he was caught with his trousers down somewhere he'd be front page news.

  4. Perhaps an FOI request as to why he hasn't been put up for a Lordship ?

  5. Extraordinary that the Swedes have had FOI for 200 years and even the US have had it since the 60s.

  6. Scary to think Thatcher was the first to put it forward

  7. really optimistic25 Jan 2007, 15:42:00

    Talk is cheap, money pays the rent. Thatcher weren't in power when she was proposing it. One thing she had in common w. Bliar is they'll say anything to get into gov.

  8. bored with mouthy hippies25 Jan 2007, 16:38:00

    You're forgetting ;

    1) We have an FOI Act

    2) This government implemented it

  9. He totally looks like that little bear from the Bo' Selecta show.

  10. bored mouthy hippy25 Jan 2007, 17:32:00

    bored with mouthy hippies said...
    "You're forgetting ;

    1) We have an FOI Act

    2) This government implemented it"

    Call me a bored mouthy hippy if you like, I'll call you a naive twat. You must be forgetting the current gov't proposals for ammendments. See

  11. "Anonymous said...
    Love the Clement Freud story. Good to know nothing's changed."

    Some things have changed. In those days the trains ran on time.

  12. Mussolini said...
    "Some things have changed. In those days the trains ran on time."

    Agreed - you were hung for war crimes. Let's see if TB gets much more than a slap on the wrists

  13. birth-marks on foreheads26 Jan 2007, 10:19:00

    holy shxt how long has he been like this??

    change= pain..

    hang em all, not prezza i could be a great dictator, being so overweight and mouthy, yes..

  14. birth-marks on foreheads26 Jan 2007, 10:21:00

    he could be a great dictator (prezza)

    i of course am dead.

    (i agree your in trouble if he thinks so)


  15. shit this man's journey and current amendments are kinda of a walking advert for the "why bother" school of thought!

  16. i think he is totally commendable and should be given a peerage - he actually deserves one.

  17. your fat bottom26 Jan 2007, 14:43:00

    Freedom of Information-shmation. No point. We get the info, the press shout about a bit - then what ?

    We live in an elective dictatorship.

    Ask Lord Hailsham.

  18. The man's a saint. If the Church wasn't so busy freaking out over gay adoption rights they'd canonise him.

    Hang about. Maurice Frankel ??? Does the church do that ?

  19. tony the hairdresser27 Jan 2007, 13:42:00

    wafik said...

    "Hang about. Maurice Frankel ??? Does the church do that ?"

    The church'll do it, so long as he hasn't been adopted by a gay couple