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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ministry biased ?

We've been accused of bias more times than I can remember, either through the comments or the MPs we've been asking to sign up to the Misrepresentation of the People Act.

As sensitive souls, this pains us.

For the record, our objective is to plug a constitutional gap - the electorate is entitled to formal, independent legal redress should an elected representative breach their fundamental obligation of honesty.

It just so happens we have a Labour government so they're gonna get most of the flak.

We confess this is compounded by the Blair factor. We're happy to go on the record as agreeing with ex Prime Minister Denis Healey's insight from the Sunday Times ;

"He has enormous personal charm but I wouldn't call him a communicator.
He's a bullshitter, and very good at it."

Meantime, I refer our accusers to this previous post,
"Great Political Porkies of Our Time (Pt 1)"

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