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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Suicide clause

There may well be some justification in the accusation that we’ve diluted The Misrepresentation of the Peoples Act with our contemplating the addition of Clause 4.

s.4 It shall be a defence under this Act to provide full and frank disclosure in relation to the misleading, dishonest or reckless act. Disclosure under this section shall limit the potential liability under this Act to disqualification from holding public office. Such disclosure shall be provided (as a public document) within a reasonable time of becoming aware of the misleading, dishonest or reckless act.
The long, drawn out (and amusing – Ed) process of trying to find an MP to support it has led to some truths coming home. Ultimately, the purpose is to plug the constitutional gap we discovered and prevent elected representatives from mis-leading us, mis-representing the facts etc.

As such, we figure giving the accused an opportunity to fall on their sword instead of clogging up the courts wasn’t a bad compromise. No doubt there’ll be further fine-tuning but at least the main clauses are starting to stick.

Full version to be posted tomorrow.


  1. This is fair enough given that the fundamental purpose of the act seems to be to unveil the lies (and prevent MPs from being dishonest in the future)rather than punishing them per se - great in as much as it will give them the opportunity to 'fall on their sword'...just as satisfying

  2. hmmm.not sure if there is any purpose to the act if MPs have this 'get out clause'- they have no humility, so what difference will it make to their actions if they know they won't face any drastic consequences Can't agree with the above comment

  3. Totally cowardly. Get a sniff of a foot through the door and you're turning into them. Rubbish.