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Monday, August 06, 2007

Revenge best served cold

Some very interesting news for the blogosphere took me right back to university and a cheery glimpse into middle-England racism...

The economic theories of Richard Posner raised their head in a law tutorial. The man basically says you can reduce all social behaviour to economics and the market place. There is no need for law in a properly free market, because peoples choice will provide the regulation.

There's plenty of criticism of this kinda stuff, but as students, we were repulsed by the idea that everything could be reduced to cash.

“Posner ? No laws - just money. Wonder if he’s a yid ?” Chirped up the student voted “most likely to run the BNP”.

This led to a fairly heated discussion (and words outside) on “how would the free market regulate against racist twats with deep insecurities and homo-phobic/sexual tendencies?”. The session descended into the wordplay and brutal violence known only of the BNP and my grandmother as all were stumped for an answer.

Had that student actually gone on to the BNP – he’s just about to get it.

First Direct, Vodafone, Virgin Media, the AA, Halifax and the Prudential have all withdrawn ad campaigns from Facebook because they’ve appeared on the BNP page.

No doubt the response will be something along the lines of, “First Direct, Vodafone, Virgin Media, the AA, Halifax and the Prudential – all run by Jews”. Eventually, when everybody thinks you're a cunt and doesn't want to be associated with your website it becomes, "the whole world's run by Jews/blacks/queers/muslims" (delete where applicable).

In any case, my old university pal, the world may well be run by cunts of some order, but not cunts from your party.


  1. Replace the laws with the free market ? How's that going to work with your proposed Act ? Advertisers refusing to have their brand associated with a particular MPs blog ??? Posner's little more than a quaint idea - though must admit, it's always nice to see the BNP get egg on their face.