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Friday, June 26, 2009

Ben Bradshaw MP - selling sweet nothings

Pin-up MP and solid Brownite, Ben Bradshaw, has yet to respond to our e-mail dated 22nd May.

His vote on Wednesday against a more transparent Iraq inquiry has irritated us further in light of his claims to be a fighter for transparency. Expenses is one thing, transparency and Freedom of Information quite another. If he's your MP, we want to hear from you (also, feel free to cut and paste the text from our e-mail then e-mail him at asking him to explain himself.

Dear Mr Bradshaw

I watched with interest your terrific performance on Question Time last night.

You appeared to claim you have been one of the major proponents of a transparent parliament throughout your career - even urging people to check your voting record on They Work For You.

I did this and was surprised (and somewhat confused)...

You have not in fact voted strongly for a transparent parliament. Out of 10 possible votes (including 2 strong votes) for transparency, you have only voted for three (and not on either of the key votes).

Last night, you gave the strong impression to the electorate that this is a key issue for you. Yet your record is at least 70% weaker than someone like Norman Baker MP - who has in fact consistently voted for a transparent parliament.

Equally, you were keen to stress a momentous move this week by parliament - proclaiming the 'End of Self-Regulation'.

My understanding of the proposed Government reforms is that for a serious breach of conduct an MP will still only be removeable by parliament itself. This is a far cry from "The End of Self Regulation"

In short. I'd humbly suggest the impression you gave on Questiontime was misleading to the electorate.

If I'm mistaken, forgive me.

Perhaps you can further clarify your position by letting me know whether you'd support independent legal redress for the electorate in the form of Adam Price MP's previously proposed Elected Representatives (Prohibition of Deception) Bill (attached for your perusal).

Indeed, we intend to conduct several prosecutions under this proposed Bill at a series of LSE "moots" this summer. I'd welcome the opportunity to see you defend the impression you gave of your voting record and declaration of the "End of Self Regulation".
Any other examples of Mr Bradshaw selling sweet nothings most gratefully received.


  1. Have you tried emailing this to him via the "They Work for You" website? I've used it before and the response rate is really good. Also, the website itself asks you if you had a reply and I think they grade that MP or Lord accordingly.

    It'll definately add some pressure on him.

  2. He has got time to go dancing with Blair though apparently...