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Friday, June 12, 2009

Privileges and Standards Committee - Good Work

A solid supporter of Parliament policing itself, the Chairman of the Committee for Standards and Privileges, Sir George Young said to us not long ago :
"I think we've got the balance right and no-one has a greater interest in policing the code, setting high standards for MP's than Members of Parliament - we have a vested interest."
Nice to see he's beavering away behind the scenes to ensure the vested interest. On Monday he addressed the House of Lords to assure them the Committee was well on top of investigating and discovering those responsible for leaks from select committees to the press and is proposing sanctions.

Good to know where the energies are being channeled in one of the three bodies responsible for standards in Parliament. You'll be pleased to know Sir George has also thrown his hat in the ring to replace Michael Martin (soon to be ex-speaker of the House).

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