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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lawyers on standby

Support seems to be growing in the blogosphere - many thanks to Burning Our Money and An Englishman's Castle. No doubt at some point we'll get slagged off but for the time-being all nice things. Spread the good word.

We're currently beavering away on ;

  • Iraq inquiry debate
  • Ben "I've always supported transparency" Bradshaw MP
  • Karen "I voted against the war on Iraq" Buck MP
  • the just-published IPSA Bill heralding the end of self-regulation and dishonest politics
Will bare all once lawyers give us the thumbs up (Karen Buck in particular is reserving her right to explore legal options). Laugh ? We nearly posted her e-mail. Sadly she's no longer our MP but if any of you are in her constituency, please get in touch.


  1. This is most encouraging to see. Anything I can post or link via comments would be my pleasure.

  2. Drop us an e CryBaby and we'll sort some stuff out.