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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Inspector Mawers (that's enough.Ed) - the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

If you read up on this whole self-regulation business it looks a bit like smoke and mirrors. Plenty of bodies, committees and commissioners - all independent to a man but all reporting to Parliament or the PM. Nice to be Judge and Jury at your own trial, eh ?

Needless to say,
when Sir Philip Mawer returned our call, it was a bit of a shocker. We never thought in a million years they'd let us near the Palace of Westminster - let alone interview its gatekeeper of ethics and morals.

Turns out Sir Philip's office is round the back of Westminster Abbey. Bathed in divine light, you enter through a hobbit-like gate set into a suitably intimidating wall with Westminster casting suitably ominous shadows.

Passing through that gate would be crossing the line from pissing about on the Internet and sticking our head above the establishment parapet. Were we really gonna tough it out with the guy who politics between Teflon Tony and hauling MPs over the coals ?

Who are we kidding ?

I'd had a curry before-hand and that didn't bode well.

We were in a lot of trouble.


  1. He's a very nice man, a very, very nice man. A very, very, very nice... etc. ad infinitum.

  2. Bollocks, it's all bollocks. Independent my arse - he may be the nicest guy in the world but if he reports to Blair or Parliament, what's the fucking point !!???

  3. the real truth28 Nov 2006, 14:21:00

    All roads lead to the PM.
    He doesn't give a shit what you say.
    He doesn't give a shit what the papers say.
    He doesn't give a shit what his party says.
    He doesn't give a shit what the opposition says.
    He doesn't have to.
    He's got a majority in the house.

    You haven't.

    Good luck.

  4. Ha look what happened to the last Commissioner, she got too big for her boots and they got rid of her.

  5. Like the interview with Sir Phil – and clearly states there’s a policing gap that’s open to abuse.

    Made me wonder - when the tube stops at Westminster and the announcer says “Mind the Gap”, is this simply a subliminal message to the liars going to work ?

  6. So let me get this right - his remit is to establish trust and confidence in Parliament - but has no power over ministers/the Gov. Isn't that a bit like being in charge of Ford open prison and leaving the cells unlocked at Wormwood Scrubs ?

  7. Do they keep male prostitutes in the Scrubbs then ?

  8. Only if Ministers ask nicely.

  9. Dave the Axe, C14, Block H7 Dec 2006, 18:38:00

    that Mandelson never asked nicely. Also got caloused hands.

  10. He's also got calloused knees

  11. Trinny Woodall7 Dec 2006, 21:59:00

    Where can I get one of those chairs with the portcullis ? Do they come in sets ?

  12. Since parliament is responsible for creating the laws that we live under - should they be subject to legal scrutiny as well? You guys are right and Sir Philip seems a right decent bloke but thats not really the point is it? I am not sure I get what he can do even for MP's. His remit seems to be solely based on the financial register.

  13. fyi trinny - ask one of those newly made lords, you probably get a free one with your title when you 'lend' money.

  14. therealrealtruth11 Jan 2007, 16:30:00

    'the real truth'

    he is holding on to that majority by the skin of his teeth and gordo isn't going to be able to do much to change that I am afraid!!

  15. a nice bloke aint gonna get a big dirty nasty job done. they prob chose him because he seemed the softest. snigger snigger