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Current political circumstances have forced him to reveal himself and as we speak, MPs are signing up to re-introduce The Elected Representatives (Prohibition of Deception) Bill for debate with over 80,000 voters supporting them.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

the Motherlode - Professor Conor Gearty

You can't help but love Professor Conor Gearty, it's his examples of MPs "machine-gunning people they don't like in the street" and the lilt of his accent, but the similarities pretty much end there. He's advised governments all over the world on subjects as wide ranging as Terrorism, Torture and Tony (they turned to him for counsel on locking up our Prime Minister).

We've tried the Citizens Advice Bureau, the Parliamentary Ombudsman, lawyers and even George Bathurst - the man who reported our Deputy Prime Minister to the Police - none of it looks promising, but if anyone can unravel Parliamentry sovereignty and find a way for the public to put a stop to its government lying - the Professor is that man.

Hang upon his every word...


  1. i LOVE conor gearty

  2. "Politicians used to be the guardians of the people" where did it all change?

  3. when were they ever guardians of the people?

  4. All well and good - but you heard the man - right now, there's no legal route to the electorate holding government or MPs to account. We can go to the media (great if some tabloid editor thinks the story'll sell newspapers) or we've got the ballot box every four or five years. Gearty is basically saying if we want to pass legislation that forces MPs to be honest, we've got to ask MPs to do it !! Might as well ask Turkeys to vote for Christmas !!!

  5. Bubba said "right now, there's no legal route to the electorate holding government or MPs to account" - either you've never voted at a General Election or you've never heard of the damn thing ! It's called democracy.

  6. Mrs I've got my period you TWAT.25 Nov 2006, 15:30:00

    Stop bleating on about democracy you arsewipe - we're talking about how the fuck you - that means you - can get a pathological liar out of the legislature. If the Government of the day decide they want him out, they can - the fact is YOU CANT (have I spelt that right ?)

  7. he's a bit of a dish isn't he!

  8. Conor Gearty for PM

  9. C O N / t R A C ' T

    lets make it a criminal offence// if they had to stick to their manifesto's they would all be in jail!!!!! hurray//

  10. I'd love to see Prof. Gearty in a debate-off with, well, anybody in government. I think he'd run circles around any one of them.

    The analogy of the MP being like your neighbour lying to you would make sense, if it weren't for the negative effects the MP's lies have. If your neighbour lied to you and caused you injury as a result, you could sue, contract or not.

    Besides, contract is implied in representative government: You are giving up your sovereignty to the official in return for his representation. You could argue that your cross in the ballot box is your signature to the contract.

    We've been having a very similar argument back home in SA where floor-crossing has been playing havoc with government. Essentially our MP's have become openly mercenary.