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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

the Next Step ?

A big thanks for all your e-mailed suggestions. They ranged from the expeditious - "shoot 'em", to the economical - "drown 'em", to the insane - "try to get a law passed".

Bolstered by our first brush with the mechanics of Parliament (in the shape of Sir Philip Mawer) - we've decided to get stuck into the belly of the beast - gently at first, by interviewing some ex- MPs about this tricky business of honesty - and if that's not too scary, we'll head for the big bruisers.

First up is Lord Tom Pendry, a long serving Labour MP (30 years - that's more than you'd get for murder isn't it ?)

...then Martin Bell (O.B.E. and Independent MP who ousted the inimitable Neil Hamilton).

If you've any questions you want us to put to these guys, send us an email .

We'll be posting ASAP.


  1. Thou Shalt Not Lie

    So it seems we are back to square 1 with no legal accountability. However, that would be too negative. We need to realise to use other channels of putting pressure on lyers.

    I mean, politicians have resigned in the past. Or lost their seat in the coming elections. And not to forget that many politicians make a lot of money by being working for big business. Now those HATE negative publicity like cochroaches the light.

    One of the most obvious ways to create more pressure is the media, especially TV. Easy to understand - easy to catch up on.

    Bremner, Bird and Fortune were doing a great job when I was in the UK:

    Oh, and of course the way to go is Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert. Clearly their influence is hard to measure, but they certainly have an impact on political campaigning being viewed in huge numbers especially within the younger audience. Want an example?



  2. Boring but true29 Nov 2006, 08:52:00

    Jannie g. - you've been out of the country for too long. These days you've got to prove a Minister's a paedophile to get 'em to even contemplate resignation - lies over financial irregularities etc. and you've got a 50/50 chance - and even then, there's a decent chance they'd be re-hired once the heat's off (a la Mandelson).

    Honesty doesn't even register on the "need to resign" scale. For the press to work, you gotta have some level of honour and shame in the guilty parties.

  3. Too true, if it were a case of 'get caught lying by press, must resign' Mr Blair wouldn' still be in power would he. Legal redress is the only way.

  4. Tony Blair, John Prescott, Jack Straw etc.29 Nov 2006, 17:46:00

    I've no idea what you people are on about ? Honestly - lying in Parliament ? Lying to the people ? The Press ? Shame on you all for bringing the very honour of this great nation into question.

    We're disappointed.

  5. the Ghost of HST29 Nov 2006, 18:31:00

    You should be disappointed you fuckers. That's dis - appointed.

  6. how sickening to see our prime minister consorting with one man who is guilty of the murder of 650,000 iraqis and anoher man who has spread polonium-210 around another countries capial city.

  7. Here's an interesting approach to making our politicians accountable. It can be implemented globally, allowing global citizens to unite with global standards - based on our shared desire to leave future generations a viable planet and ecosystem.

    Check it out:

    Website a bit clunky, but the concept is great.

  8. prime minister consorting with... lets not forget that he is responsible for his own actions. That may be on his own hands, the only reason it isnt is because our friend, the Attorney General 'decided' the war was legal after all. Convenient that.

  9. Forget Martin Bell - shouldn't you should be talking to Neil Hamilton

  10. If you were a reality TV show you could talk to Hamilton

  11. If you were opening a shoe shop you could talk to hHamilton and he'd throw in the Mrs.

  12. Mr Al Fayed said "If you were opening a shoe shop you could talk to hHamilton and he'd throw in the Mrs.". Wonder why he hasn't availed himself of the Hamiltons services ? Could it be he's a compulsive liar and completely stitched them up ?

  13. Can I open the shoe-shop...?

  14. has pendry murdered??

    and martin bell is not intimidated by hamilton..

    one question can we get bliar for war crimes? please