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Monday, December 18, 2006

Lord Pendry

Lord Pendry enjoys a cigar, is a keen boxer (not averse to dishing out a clip round the ear) and looks not unlike Donald Pleasance.
Having served as an MP for 30 years before moving to the upper house, we figured he'd be perfect to explain why we can't hold an MP to account for lying to us.

We were wrong.

Turns out, our first true Whitehall experience was more than a little unsettling
- we were thrown a sucker punch before we'd even got the camera kit unpacked.

We'll be posting the full rub tomorrow.


  1. It IS Ernst Stavro Blofeld - where's the white cat ?

  2. I've borrowed it you cheeky fuckers

  3. Who is this guy?????

  4. I think you'll find he's the guy in the original Halloween. Perhaps a little more scary

  5. He's clearly an opium addict, and what's that white stuff in his muff-tickler eh ?

  6. those weren't books on his desk?? surely he cant read?? he can clearly smoke...

    retirement due// one thinks

  7. dont think he can box
    would like to find out though. lol

  8. Lord Pendry is a disgrace and typical of a labour peer with a sense of entitlement. He was witnessed at the Gare du Nord shouting that he was a "VIP" and why was he being held up- in other wiords , he expected preferential treatment because he is a Lord. Compare with Lord Carrington, a lovely humble man without Pendry'y hubris.