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Friday, December 15, 2006

Quote of the Week

Two quotes this week. The first is from the Forward to The Ministerial Code of Conduct [JULY 2005 ]

"In issuing this Code, I should like to confirm my strong personal commitment to the bond of trust between the British people and their Government. We are all here to serve and we must serve honestly and in the interests of those who gave us our positions of trust."
The Prime Minister

All together now..."The People are sovereign, long live the people, hurrah etc..."

Now check out Page 1, Section 1.4 of that very same Ministerial Code of Conduct

"Ministers only remain in office for so long as they retain the confidence of the Prime Minister. He is the ultimate judge of the standards of behaviour expected of a Minister and the appropriate consequences of a breach of those standards, although he will not expect to comment on every allegation that is brought to his attention."

[Heh, heh, heh . TB.]


  1. genius. sheer genius. You gotta hand it to them.

  2. Are the people sovereign or is it "long live Tony Blair".

  3. Two guesses what Blairs answer would be.

  4. Isn't it "Long live Tony Blair, the Sovereign of the people." ?

  5. Elizabeth Windsor18 Dec 2006, 17:41:00

    No it fucking isn't !

  6. Actually, I think you'll find it fucking is.

  7. Tony, suggest you stop fucking about and bomb Buck Palace

  8. Ca'moron'11 Jan 2007, 18:10:00

    I want to be King, can I Tone, pleeease...

  9. am I bovvvered?11 Jan 2007, 18:14:00

    I can see the big guy's point though, if he went around investigating and firing every Minister who fucked, we'd have no cabinet left. Leave em to it, I say.

  10. am I bovvvered?11 Jan 2007, 18:14:00

    haha I meant to say fucked up, but somehow the above is also true...

  11. sovereign int that a motor?

    me mam had one..