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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Chicken Falconer ?

Spent most of yesterday cooling our heels. Lord Falconer's had to re-schedule.

Probably for the best. Gives us a bit more time to prepare.

Had plenty of time to focus on the Bill. It's based in a raft of existing legislation and starting to shape up nicely. Even got a snappy title, "The Misrepresentation of the Peoples Act".

Heh, heh, heh.


  1. Guess what? To pass a law, you have to have the support of, not just 1 MP, but a majority of all MPs. It's this odd idea called democracy. That the voices of elected representatives are louder than those of unelected dumbasses like yourself.

  2. Explain to me what is so great about democracy damfino? Aren't the majority of people dumbasses who don't know what they think or want?

  3. Tony the Hairdresser7 Feb 2007, 14:13:00

    Damfino said...
    "the voices of elected representatives are louder than those of unelected dumbasses like yourself"

    I take it you're an MP then ? You certainly talk the talk.

  4. Damfino, my boy. If you ever want a job you'll know where to find me.

  5. sod off damfino - when your blog has more on it than a dog's mush then come back and talk shit.

  6. Stressed damfino? I can fix you up if you like?

  7. Hmm. Seems like it's "Bash on Damfino" day.

    Dude, democracy is self-rule. Pure, plain and simple. Whether we do that through direct ballot or elected representatives, ultimately we are supposed to be in control, in theory anyway. I couldn't give less of a rat's *rs* about what the MPs' opinions. The only thing I care about is what the majority of the people think and believe. It's most likey that MP's would oppose something like this EXACTLY because they do not want true democracy. What they have now places them in positions of power over us rather than service to us. Of course they're not gonna support that, unless they happen to also be "naive do-gooders" who actually want to enrich the world rather than just their own bank-balances.

  8. Firstly, it's a nice dog. And a dog that isn't a dumbass.

    More importantly, how would any of you like to see the country run if it doesn't involve the public freely selecting representatives? If this Bill is worth anything, it might get somewhere - even if it takes thirty years (or more) to do so. But it ISN'T. It's self-righteous nonsense; the supposed right of an individual to imprison anyone whose opinions differ to his or her own.

    It doesn't matter if voters pick idiots, liars, cheats or whatever. It's the voter's choice. Take that away - and that is what is being proposed - and you have nothing less than tyranny. Is that what you want?

    Clearly, yes. Or else this blog wouldn't be titled 'Ministry of Truth'.

    One of the joys of democracy is that there should, hopefully, be enough people to keep such autocratic philosophies away from power.

    I'd rather have elected idiots and liars than, well, extending the argument to its true historical extent, death camps.

  9. I should also mention that the anonymous critic of democracy is a dumbass.

    And that, more importantly, I dealt with the issue in comments to the beginner's guide, and I refuse to retype it.

  10. Damfino, you need to get out more, seriously.