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Monday, February 05, 2007

Too scared to post

We're seeing the Lord Chancellor tomorrow.

Getting our shit together, questions, quotes research etc.

Bit nervous, but heard he's very nice.

Send in your questions for him. Additional subjects include ;

Position of Attorney General
Reform of House of Lords
Impending ammendments to Freedom of Information Act.

Back later. Off to toilet.


  1. HobbesnLockeROCK5 Feb 2007, 13:11:00

    Nice? NICE. What the fxxk is he even doing in government anyway. He's not elected - just a mate of Tone's with one the most influential jobs in Britain - its a f'in disgrace.

  2. Ask him how much he paid for his peerage.

  3. gillianmckeith5 Feb 2007, 13:18:00

    Ask him who ate all the pies?

  4. ask him if he is happy with the state of Government at the moment? Does he anticipate problems getting such a complicated vote concerning the Lords through?