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Friday, February 09, 2007

One of those moments we could watch and watch again


  1. green elephant9 Feb 2007, 10:12:00

    It is incredible to think that the whole world can see this happenening (exept for the majority of the American public it seems) much so that it features in mainstream comedy/newspapers/music the whole time..but nobody can do a thing about it. Bush and Blair have been elected for a certain amount of time...and because they were put there by the majority in their respective countries (well, not the case for one of the elections)they have a free reign..they lie and nobody can touch them - democracy isn't worth a thing at the minute

  2. I totally agree green elephant. It is about time our government acts in line with its ideology. It is hypocritical that a government tries to force an ideology upon another country without abiding to it first

  3. Was Bush in the sea scouts ?

  4. The media is always going to have a pop at the current government. In fact its part of British culture to deride.
    Bloody funny clip though.

  5. Nice one!!!
    The video is quite amusing as far as the ‘special relationship’ is concerned……Bur really
    Is there a special relationship…..isn`t it more or less an unequal relationship….Yup it is …it is an American dominated relationship….My question is isn’t it time for British MP to turn to their citizens, to turn to their engagement in the EU? ….America….what`s that war obsession with the Middle East…the result social unrest in Britain….home bred terrorists ….a country of tolerance turning into a breeding ground for “hara-kiri”!!! Wake up Blair ….or more relevant….Wake up Brown for the next election!!!!