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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Finding an MP

No turning back now. Parliament's back from recess (have you ever had a look at the Parliamentary Timetable ? - they get half term, whitsun, easter, summer holidays...). E-mailed/phoned requests for interviews have been made. The search is on for an MP who'll propose "The Misrepresentation of the People Act".

The way MPs staff answer the phone is giving us an interesting insight into the MPs they're working for. We're compiling a chart of MPs office misery. Norman Bakers office seems the most chirpy - must be something in the water. Alternatively, it could be what Peter Oborne had to say about him this Sunday.

The Act itself is getting minor tweaks as we speak. Rather than re-post each time we change a comma, we'll update the first post. Keep any suggestions/comments coming.

Again, any suggestions for MPs who'd support this, let us know.


  1. You should send a copy to Mr Blair. Perhaps he would like to redeem himself?

  2. whatswrongwithworld20 Feb 2007, 09:52:00

    It would be worth shot. However, would he really care at this stage?

  3. Good luck getting one of the precious private members bill slots - check the draw and see which MPs got them, before looking - this will help narrow it down a bit. There are so many other "worthy" campaign groups competing with you for these precious slots.

    The other option (much harder) would be to try and get one of the political parties to introduce it. Fat chance if you ask me. I would suggest Plaid Cumryu (spelling?) or the SNP as either of these might introduce it as part of their agenda for independence. You may or may not agree with that, but it could at least get the debate out in to the open, and not just on the internet.

  4. Private Member's Bills have all been announced already so thats a no go. There's also 10 minute rule, EDMS or bills through the Lords but you might be there a very very long time!!!!

  5. I dont think Plaid Cymru would help they are too busy trying to sort out their own specific problems in Wales...I'm not sure what to suggest

  6. Bob Marshall Andrews is yer man.

  7. Tony the Hairdresser20 Feb 2007, 16:28:00

    Ask Blair. I dare you ? Plus what does he care ? On the way out etc. Just another tasty little problem to leave on Gordons doormat.

  8. Why don't you ask 'Gorgeous' George Osbourne? I hear he's up for a little deviancy.

  9. partywhip said...
    "Why don't you ask 'Gorgeous' George Osbourne? I hear he's up for a little deviancy. "

    Why don't you ask him ? Suspect he'll be more amenable to deviant suggestions from you.

  10. Shouldn’t Dave Cameron’s bunch be happy to take up the cause? Campaigning for honesty, an end to New Labour sleaze, convince the public that they really believe in transparency and accountability…

    And if a few members of the old administration happened to be prosecuted for lying under the new law, I’m sure they wouldn’t lose any sleep over it ; )