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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Maurice Frankel - Post Mortem

Maurice laid it out in no uncertain terms getting legislation passed is no mean feat - Clement Freud MP bribed to miss a vote, Thatcher cutting backroom deals with the government… little wonder it took 30 years to get his Freedom of Information Act through. – doubly so when you’re not in Government. Triple that if the Gov’s gonna do everything it can to block you.

Nevertheless – it’s starting to feel like we’re compelled to give it a go. Besides, it is a really good name – “The Misrepresentation of the Peoples Act”.

We’re gonna have to find ourselves an MP. One who believe’s honesty’s the best policy and is willing to propose a Bill for it.

Any ideas who that might be ? You can look up your MP, see their voting record, contact them etc. on .

Meantime, we’ll be putting the final touches to our Act before going out there to make complete twats of ourselves.


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