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Thursday, February 01, 2007

a little off-subject

We managed to dig out some very early footage of the Lord Chancellor (we believe at the time he was flat-sharing with Tony Blair).

Let it never be said the man's without funk.

The wig was the clue.

Uploaded by loranger


  1. He's certainly phat

  2. hahahahahahahaha

  3. Blair/Mick Jagger/the Stones. Maybe the end of the flat sharing was down to creative differences ?

  4. You can hear it now...

    "I cain't get no... WILL YOU stop that fucking racket, I can't hear myself sing !!"

  5. No fish in the mix. Cerrie wasn't on the scene then ?

  6. Tony the Hairdresser1 Feb 2007, 10:32:00

    You can tell he's young, naive etc. Not wearing surgical gloves around Tony

  7. Not convinced by any means it's Lord Falconer. Suspect it's Prescott in his young, gay, anorexic years as a model.

  8. Why look for a mincer in Prescott when you have such an obvious target in Mandy. Maybe this is what he does now. He's just pretending to work in Europe.

  9. tony the hairdresser1 Feb 2007, 16:02:00

    Mandy can't grow a beard can he ?

  10. I seem to remember him having a little 'tache a la Germany 1939.

  11. Not Alistair Campbell1 Feb 2007, 17:16:00

    Nice to see they've already got spin on the agenda

  12. Not Alistair Campbell said...
    "Nice to see they've already got spin on the agenda"

    Also extremely advanced at filtering television white noise.

  13. White noise//filtering ? You'll find Blair and Co are more like white noise generators

  14. channel4thinktank2 Feb 2007, 13:29:00

    celebrity lord chefs!!!!!! yes!!!!

  15. For anyone who enjoyed the above Beatbox, there's a great video on YouTube called "Six House Drummers":